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The luck factor in gambling

There are plenty of betting games that promise you the mountain if you only put your cash on the right horse. Among them are poker, bingo, slots, roulette, blackjack, sports betting and lottery. The skill is about to be able to make calculations that approximate the chance of winning against the chance of losing. The masters of the gaming industry know that as long as the casino wins the business goes on.

However there are distinguished stars of the arena in each sphere that have more their share of mind than blindly betting on a number, a card or a dealt hand.
There are things like numbers theory, card counting, and even calculus that help to increase the possibility of a win. Even a remarkable memory could be a great asset in itself in the gambling world.

If you know how the game goes, what cards been there, and what cards are still at the deck you have reasonably greater chance to win and take the pot home.
On the other hand the luck that most of the players build upon is like the goddess Fortuna itself, sometimes smiling and sometimes showing you the back.
To be a champion you have to have a certain amount of skill. Otherwise, your chances are striving to zero.

Lottery for example, in a country like Israel where there are tens of millions of shekels are gambled during every roll, shows that a buyer and holder of a lotto ticket has only one chance against sixteen million. And that statistics goes for a country of only eight million people. Imagine what’s going on in Britain, Germany and the USA. Not to mention lottery in India or China, where the density of population is the highest. Check out for more about international lotteries

But what could be so bad about playing a bingo game with your beloved granny on a Sunday evening? Absolutely nothing. There is no money at stake. It’s a pass time. It brings only joy.

Even if you wager couple of dollars it’s all in the family. But every time you think of making it grand with the big game, remember big boy’s game, big boy’s rules.
You either come prepared with knowledge of approximation and probability at hand, or you simply wager with lady luck herself. Which is most likely the fatal outcome of losing it all.

There are masters of roulette, a game where you can gamble your money on numbers from 1-36 or even zero. There are also two colors, black and red. The game serves a platform where if you choose the right number or the color you win the wager.

Of course it’s obvious that by betting only on the color you have the higher chances to win. But at times those who play for a long time get false confidence and start to bet on numbers as well. That’s when they usually lose. It’s all a nerve game, a discipline and art of persistence.
Remember kids, it’s better to win small, than to lose it all.