Play International Lottery Online

Ticket to the biggest lottery jackpots of the world

Like many other things, nowadays lottery tickets are available on the internet. Your local lotto is probably also available on the network. Because there is another much more attractive way to play, playing online lotto is a way that gives you many more options and offers much higher prizes.

Now you can participate in any jackpot in the world! You read in the news all the time that someone has won 100 million dollars or more in the US Power Lotto, or in The Mega Millions, or in El Gordo de España, or in The Euromillions and so on. And you might be wondering if you could play those lotteries, even though they are celebrated in a different country than the one you belong to.

The good news is that: now there is a service available that allows you to buy in the most convenient way a ticket for any of those big jackpots when playing online. And it works through the unique RedFoxLotto service. All you have to do is select the jackpot you want to play online. Check on the right and left side of our website, choose a lottery, select the numbers you want to win and that's it. At the same time you can click on this link to visit the RedFoxLotto website and choose the lotus jackpot you want to play online.

What exactly is the RedFoxLotto Service?

RedFoxLotto buys the lottery ticket in your country in your name, then they scan the ticket and send it to you by e-mail. You do not have to live in that country and that's why you're no longer limited to your local lottery. The ticket will have your name printed and you will be the only person who can claim the prize if you win. RedFoxLotto will also notify you by email if you have won, as well as take care of the payment procedure for you.

Note: RedFoxLotto is not a lottery operator, rather it offers a mail service to buy tickets around the world. RedFoxLotto does not take percentage of your winnings. RedFoxLotto service is 100% legal and absolutely secure.

How do I select a Lottery to Play Online?

It could not be simpler: On one side of our website you will see a picture with the highest jackpots in the world sorted descending. On the other side you will see the jackpots sorted by the date of the draw, with the draws closest to the beginning. You just have to decide for one of them and soon you will be playing your lucky numbers online.

How do I buy my Lottery Ticket?

You just have to click on any jackpot that you find in any of the two columns. This will take you to the page where you can select your personal numbers online. If you wish you can also use the random number selector available for this, by the way you will not be the first person to make millions with the automatic number selector.

After selecting your numbers you will be taken to the RedFoxLotto page for customer registration. There you will have to give some personal details (this is important for your identification later as a winner) and pay for your ticket using one of the many payment methods available. These include secure payments through credit card, bank transfers, moneybookers and many other methods. That's all you have to do, once done, your ticket is on the way.

What are you waiting for? Drop your hands in one of the multi-millionaire jackpots around the globe when playing online lottery!